3 Perfect Days in Toronto, Places You Should Visit

Now, you have decided to visit Toronto, do you have any plan of how to enjoy your stay? No problem if you don't, I can help out with that, but let's start with a briefing about Toronto.

Toronto, the most populous city in Canada is the capital of the province of Ontario, in southeastern Canada.

It is the country's financial and commercial center a multicultural city located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is part of the border between the US and Canada. It has a connection to the Atlantic shipping, through St. Lawrence Seaway to major US industrial centers, via the Great Lakes. This is why it is a point of attraction and an international trade center.

Toronto is right at the edge of some of the best farmlands in Canada, with a good climate to grow various types of crops, making it a distribution as well as a manufacturing center. It has a central location and a host of political policies that favor international trade placing it with the greatest ties to the United States. The city has grown rapidly from the 20th century from a simple quiet province to a thriving metropolis.

It is a cosmopolitan city with over 140 languages spoken, it is even complex with over half of its residents born outside Canada. When the weather is fine, Toronto can be vibrant, full of activities, most of the world's finest restaurants are found here, along with great bars, clubs, and interesting festivals.

Best Time to Visit Toronto

Toronto has a different weather condition from other cities in Canada, and the rest of the world. If you are planning a visit to Toronto maybe with friends or family members, the best time of the year is from April through May and September through October.

If you like cold weather and outdoor winter activities the best time to visit is during the winter. You can save more during this time, hotel room rates are cheaper because a lot of people don't travel around this time.

Summer is the warmest time of the year and the most popular season full of activities. Schools are on break and this is the best time for families to travel together, at the same time, hotel room rates are higher than in winter.

Spring seems to be the best time to visit, this is between April and May, the weather is chilly but not cold like in the winter, there are no clouds, hotel room rates are still reasonable. The same goes for the fall season, from September to November, the weather is warm and friendly, hotel room rates are also very reasonable.

If you find yourself in the "Toronto the Good" here are some interesting places to visit.

Day 1 - Touring the Entertainment District

CN Tower is the highest point of attraction in Toronto

If you want to enjoy your visit to Toronto, the first step you should take is choosing the best neighborhood. Staying in the Entertainment District allows access to the main attractions in Toronto.

It houses some of the best theaters, art centers, sports venues, performance halls, and cultural attractions. The downside is that hotel room rates are high because accommodations are mostly big chain hotels. Families can have fun in palaces like Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, where they will see sharks, Stingrays, and water turtles swimming in an underwater glass tunnel.

Every year celebrities converge in TIFF Bell Light box to witness the Toronto International Film Festival. This neighborhood is also a place for the Toronto Raptors NBA Team, and the other two major-league sports teams. There are entertainment night clubs to hang out and enjoy the nightlife.

What you spend on high accommodation in this neighborhood, you will gain in entertainment and attraction. Here are other major attractions and places to visit in Toronto.

Roundhouse Park: This small public park is where you can get the local steam whistling brewery, restaurants, entertainment spots, and the railway museum.

Hockey Hall of Fame: You can view the popular hockey trophies, an adult can get an admission fee of $20.

CN Tower: This gigantic communication tower is the highest point of attraction in Toronto. Being on this tower allows visitors to view from the tower's deck and participate in the popular Edgewalk.

Day 2 - Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum

Decoration of giant animal skeleton-like Dinosaur

This is a place of interaction and sightseeing for both those visiting Toronto for the first time and those who have been there. It is an exciting place to visit, Canada's largest museum and a place to explore the natural world and culture.

It was created by special Act of Legislature of the Province of Ontario, houses 13 million world-renowned collections of artworks and cultural projects from leading scholars around the globe.-renowned collections of artworks and cultural projects.

The location is at 100 queen's Park Toronto, it is open for business any day except the 25th of December, within the hours of 10:am to 5;30 pm.

Getting to this museum is not difficult, there are so many entrances, and different means of transportation. You may choose to visit by public transportation, like a subway or bus. You can even schedule with GO Transit or private car if you so desire.

There are three major entrances you can take to the museum, the one you choose, depends on where you are coming from, and how you intend to get there, whether by private car or public transport.

If you choose to enter through Micheal Lee-Chin Bloor Street Entrance - Bloor Street West, parking is not allowed in the loading area but taxis and other vehicles can pick and drop passengers on the street.

The second entrance is the Weston Queen's Park Avenue, on this entrance, taxis are allowed to pick and drop passengers in the loading zone on Queen's park but parking is not permitted in this area.

President's Choice School Entrance on Queen's Park Avenue is the third entrance, parking is not permitted in the loading zone but taxis and other vehicles can drop and pick passengers on the street.

If you are traveling on a budget or just want to cut costs, the best way to visit this museum is in a group. There is a special discount for those visiting in a group of 20 or more guests.

Besides that, there is something for everyone, stepping into the lobby, you would think you were in a 5-star hotel lobby, except for various decoration of giant animal skeleton-like Dinosaur. That got me scared the first time, never seen anything like that, before. They are big, looking too real, that I felt like I was in a cinema watching a horror movie.

Other things you can see are dedicated kid zone for learning fun, the great sculpture of ancient things like the Chinese Temple.

Day 3 - St. Lawrence Market

A world class market where you can shop, eat and even attend events

If you ask many people who travel if they would like to visit a market, a majority will say no. It is not really that they don’t want to, it is just that many cities don’t have popular markets that offer what can attract visitors. That is one thing different about the city of Toronto, it has a world-class market where you can shop, eat and even attend events, it is known as St. Lawrence Market.

This market complex formerly known as St Market Hall comprises three main buildings, the South Market, the North Market and St. Lawrence Hall.

If you are looking to shop for foodies like organic fruits, vegetables and more, you can find them in the main and lower levels of the market. In this part of the market, over a hundred and twenty specialty food vendors are selling various types of foods.

In the South Market which is on the second floor of the building, you will find the market gallery. It houses art exhibits that showcase the culture and history of Toronto.

The North Market is known as the Saturday Farmer’s market, in this place you can get dairy products and other things from the farm.

How to Assess the Market?

St. Lawrence Market is located at 92-95 Front St. East in the heart of downtown Toronto. It opens from Tuesday to Thursday, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, but the time is different for Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, it opens from 8 a.m to 7 p.m and Saturday from 5 a.m to 5 p.m. It doesn’t open on Sunday or Monday.

There are several ways to get to this market, from the TTC, you can get to the market through King Subway Station. Once you are at the station, take the 504 King streetcar east to Jarvis St then walk south to the Esplanade. Another way is from Union Station, walking east, you will pass about three blocks to the Esplanade.

If you will be traveling by car, you can assess it from the Gardiner Expressway, take the York or Bay exit north to Front Street. The parking lot is behind the South Market Building at Lower Jarvis Street and the Esplanade.

What Can You Buy at St. Lawrence Market?

There are so many things to buy, you can get prepared or baked foods from the various stall where they are sold. You can also shop for all your groceries from different stands where they are sold. Things like hand made jewelry, clothing, floral and souvenirs are sold in many stands.

Market Events

Besides buying different items, you can register for cooking classes, talks, and dinners, culinary skills workshops. To take part in any of these events, you are required to sign up early by choosing from the roster of ongoing events.

St Lawrence market offers more than any market in the world can. It was named the best food market by National Geographic in 2012. It is also a perfect place to do finding and browse other good places to visit in the city of Toronto.

Toronto is a great city that has a lot of interesting places and things that can attract visitors and make them enjoy their stay. But you need to be guided to know these places and how to locate them. So next time you visit Toronto or if you are planning to visit, make sure you visit the places mentioned in this article, you will surely enjoy your stay.

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