5 Things About Living Las Vegas I´ll Never Forget

Go to Las Vegas, Nevada, was one of my wishes that I used to have. That wish became in a true story. Many people know somethings about Las Vegas, like is the city of the luxury, power and night. Did you ever have also heard something like what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas? Even though people think it's a magical city to enjoy as a couple or maybe alone if you're risky, there are some other possibilities to enjoy it. Whatever Las Vegas is really an awesome experience. The night is splendorous and you need almost to spend two days and three nights to know at least some things.


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The Trip to Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas by car was a great experience, between beautiful and amazing, for the landscapes you can see. For me, that type of desert was very different from the one I know. It was a long trip. Our starting point was Fresno California. To make this tour to Las Vegas, Nevada you must necessarily cross the Mojave Desert. I think it was a little over six or seven hours driving down the highway at 60 miles/hour.

What you can see is the vastness of the plains in some places higher than in others. It is given by the Californian relief, and many of them, totally desolate places. You can’t imagine a person living out there. In some moments, I was a little bit nervous because I thought ... And if we run out of gas or the car suffers some damage? So, the recommendation for all travelers is to be warned! A good car and full gas tank every time. You can find gas stations but in some places they are far away from the next one.

I can tell you that the highest heat I could feel, I felt there and especially in the Death Valley. And as part of my interest, because I’m a biologist, was to see and live the desert experience. To the Death Valley we arrived after noon. We stopped only a few moment, after I dropped off the car, I could not breathe and I had to enter to the car again. It's suffocating!

Ghost towns? Yes, on the highway we could see completely abandoned villages. It is said that they were mining towns. And truly I didn’t want to stop over there. At some moments I just wanted to move forward and arrive soon. Because we were with our seven-years-old daughter.

Las Vegas in Family…..Yes!!

I discovered an experience that you can also live in the company of your children, your husband and/or your family. Yes….. is also fun even with little children although you may hesitate to take them there. Las Vegas in family can also be a lot of fun. There are a lot of fun places to meet both, day and night.

After the long trip, we rest a little to recover from the waist and in a certain way, from the adventure.

Many people think that it is not appropriate to take children to Las Vegas. And it can be true if you're going to prefer activities that are not recommended for the little ones.

However, it was fun to observe that in the hotels there is fun for everyone. I would say that a child from six years old could have fun, logically fun is much more for adults and also depends on your choices. It was an experience to know, to observe and to pass it in a different way. To saw the streets and the large huge hotels buildings illuminated, was singular and great. We enjoyed the spectacular, magical and exuberant show of the Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, the most famous performer in Las Vegas and the Magical show at the Luxor hotel. With our daughter we experienced fun with the luxury and magic of the lights, the shows of trapeze artists, magic, clowns, mechanical games and other diverse nature games to obtain a prize.

Interconnected Spectacular Hotels

In Las Vegas you never seem to fall asleep! Although there is a bright sun outside and in the middle of the day many enjoy a sun bath next to a pool or inside it. Inside the hotels the nightlife never stops. Hotels and casinos like The New York New York Hotel & Casino, continues as if the night never stops and you have the feeling that at all times is at night. They receive the visit of tourists 24 hours every day of the week in the year. Roulette, card games, dices, slot machines, blackjack and poker machines, electronic games of complex technology are available to anyone who wants to play with and without cash. The bars are always attentive to satisfy everyone. They are splendid both outside and inside. There is a wide variety for all tastes and pockets. The great majority of them are interconnected by transport lines by elevated rail. Each Hotel offers a series of amenities inside such as shopping centers with all kinds of shops and stores that include galleries to dollar stores, also swimming pools and spectacles for all public. They also offer private spectacles paying expensive fares in some cases. All of them offer a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bakeries, ice cream parlors and bars all day and night. You can find everything there. The hotels recreate in their interior their identity and the history of what they represent, resembling small cities of day and night. You can cross them without knowing where one of them end and the other begins. You can actually be close in steps or kilometers from the hotel where you are staying at.

During the day! Outside too much to buy, to much to enjoy!

Outside the city is cheerful, pleasant and "relaxed". There is a wide variety of stores. Great part of them represent brands recognized in the United States and in the worldwide like Coca Cola, M&M, Hersheys. To the ones who really enjoy the fashion world, there are also fashion shows and the best designers Fashion and Jewelry Boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Tiffany & Co., Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Rolex, and Pandora between others. And for those who are looking for a relaxing environment, the pools and spas are the order of the day for every ones, including kids.

The visit to the Grand Canyon

The experience in the Great Canyon was in another level. It was awesome! I felt in a real and personal way the immensity, the depth of those precipices. I had experienced different sensations and a huge fascination at the same time. The wind over you, and next to the precipice makes you think to fly or fall. It is not easy for those who are afraid of heights, or emptiness, but it is definitely a special freedom feeling that I suggest to living. I can say I went to Grand Canyon and I'll go back......the next time by helicopter..

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