A trip to Colorado- What did the Rocky Mountains teach me?

They say inspiration can come from the least expected places. They also say anything and everything can teach us, if we are eager to seek the lessons and receptive to their novel ideas. One such experience greeted us during an extended weekend getaway to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Standing tall with mighty strength and long ranges, Rocky Mountains are nothing less than excellent pieces of nature. It poses as an unusual symbol of both strength and beauty, as it blends them seamlessly into their character. One moment you are awe-struck and amazed by its strong appearance or rather intimidated by it, and another moment you are enjoying its beautiful looks as if some kind of marvelous exhibit. Places like these manage to steal your vocabulary, thinking ability and practical senses, while all you do is stand still with amazement.

Spaced over duration of three days, our trip to Denver brought us in close proximity to the most famous Rocky mountain ranges. Celebrated and well known for their picturesque landscape, these ranges come across as the signature of the state. As if welcoming and representing the state with its mighty strength, they invite visitors to admire the beauty, while announcing their domination all at once.

I always believe in the power of nature. And what better way to appreciate its presence than wander to places far and wide? My love for traveling has taken me to diverse spots- whether explored or unexplored, famous or hidden, displaying strength or standing for humility, the joy of embarking on such varied journeys has only made me a small admirer of Mother Earth. It is places like these that bring you closer to the joy of living. It demonstrates the power in our breath as we live every moment to the fullest. Nature and its varied components stress over the significance of present, forcing us to quit all those wandering stray thoughts, while embracing the happiness of being right here, right now.

I experience a unique sense of speechlessness every time I meet this powerful nature. There is lots of say, but words fall short. I feel, I think, I experience, I wait, but I fail to express why this nature manages to make me speechless.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Representing the beauty of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain National Park takes its visitors to the captivating mountains for the thrill of being close to nature. Besides being blessed by spectacular natural beauty and long scenic roads, the region has numerous trails, waterfalls, scenic spots and flowing streams. Hiking over these long trails and absorbing the beauty while at it, transforms into a unique experience. While the trails test the stamina of the adventurers, they also reward them with mesmerizing sights at the end of it. Every time I struggled to hike the trails one step after the other, the promise of being greeted with amazing sights kept me going.

One such hiking trail took us to the spectacular Ouzel falls. Flowing with power, these waterfalls hidden within the ranges demanded our patience and hard work. It proved the point that nature is beautiful only if one makes an effort to seek it. Though we often admire mountains from a distance, the joy of climbing and standing right next to it was just amazing to say the least.

But more than the typical touristy experience of visiting a destination and ticking it off from the travel list, I am always eager to decipher the meaning of what I felt, experienced, enjoyed and believed. The novel task of admiring a destination through the lens of an admirer makes the experience much more wonderful. With this thought in mind, wandering as a traveler is more impactful than roaming as a tourist. As a traveler I strive to seek the hidden, wander with an open slate and make a sincere effort to extract lessons from the places that undoubtedly inspire me.

Let me pull out a page from the experiences at Rocky Mountains because the more I celebrate its experiences, the more I come closer to it, one more time.

Powerful can be beautiful too- Rocky Mountains stand for strength but they stand for natural beauty too. How it manages to blend these two diverse looks is beyond understanding but it does the impossible.

Nature and daily life go hand in hand- One unique feature of these mountains is their sight right from the city. No matter which part of the city you go to, it is quite possible to catch its glimpse from far. Overjoyed to look at these mountains even while stuck in traffic was totally unusual yet amazing.

Patience is the key- Hike over any trails of the mountains and this thought is bound to prick. It is difficult to be patient, while staying on track because the rough path is nowhere close to the ultimate destination. But finally when we managed to reach the end with captivating sight of the waterfalls, the experience was beyond words.

Surrender yourself to the present- This came across as an unknown effect of the experience because it happened all of sudden. Much before I realized the power of enjoying the beauty, the mighty mountains demanded me to surrender. It took away my words and thoughts, while all it did was stand strong right in front of my eyes. Nothing else matters when such breathtaking experiences whisk you away to an unknown territory.

Experiences from nature last forever- The fact that I am able to recollect every single thought several months after the trip stand for its valuable experience. It made me realize that nature has a unique trick of forming long lasting memories in our system. Though the trip ends within matter of few days, the value of experiences shine forever.

The memorable Rocky Mountains will always stay close to my heart. Revisiting its experiences is my way of keeping it alive. Though the stock of numerous photographs will guard the trip for years on end, it cannot match the joy of closing my eyes and imagining the lessons one by one.

To the mighty mountains who made me feel small and overpowered, yet managed to shower immense love, I will remember you always…..

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