Bangkok, the beginning of Thailand

I live in San Diego, California. However, I have a group of friends who live in New York, so instead of flying west from California to southeast Asia, I flew first to New York, where I spent five days exploring the fun (but expensive city) of NY. I then flew from New York to Zurich on June 4th. I then spent the day in Zurich because when you have a 10 hour layover, one may as well explore the city (amiright?). Ife (the friend I was traveling with) and I met at the airport, and were easily able to take the train out into the city, the weather was as perfect as the city as gorgeous. Check the river running through the center of the city (like all European cities tbh).

The first photo we took on our 2.5 month adventure

We then flew from Zurich -> Bangkok, arriving in Bangkok at 10AM on June 6th exhausted from practically being awake for 2 days (cause I sort of had?). My times with my friends in NY and in Zurich already seemed weirdly far away.

We found our way from the airport to our hostel where we got stuck for 3 hours because of a sudden monsoon rain shower. However afterward we had the chance to go out and explore the city. We ran into a guy named Kieran who we had spoken with on the bus. He was with a group of his friends, all of which were newly graduated from Harvard. We spent the rest of the night walking around and exploring with them. We went to a couple of temples (called “Wat’s”)

AND we ate at a Michelin Star restaurant for only $3 each! did I mention this country is CHEAP

Our second day there, Ife and I set out to see the sights we hadn’t seen the day before.

As we wandered along the river we stopped to eat lunch and GOOD THING WE DID because IT STARTED POURING RAIN AGAIN and we ended up being trapped for another 3 hours!

Ife and I finally decided to make a run for it and sprint through the pouring rain to buy some ponchos, and just as our luck would have it, as soon as we left the store with our ponchos, the rain stopped.

However, all the rain flooded the Wats, which led to some of my favorite photos of a Wat so far.

Our friend Trent flew in this day and met up with us at the Hostel that night. Once he was settled in we went out to eat some street food, then we went to Khao San Road which is the road where all the backpackers go to.

It is filled with street vendors selling food, clothes (yes I have bought elephant pants already), and music blasting. There we ran into Kieran and his friends AGAIN

made a group of new friends (all guys who go to SDSU who were visiting a friend of theirs that went on a trip to Thailand two years ago and then just never left). oh and I ATE A SCORPION

you can tell I am very excited to have eaten this

Despite not going to bed until 2:30 AM, Trent and I woke up at 6:30, packed our bags, and went to the Grand Palace

We then all headed to the airport to fly to Chiang Mai, a city in the northern part of Thailand known for its natural beauty, forests, and elephants

yes we were excited to have gotten the monk in the background

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