…because traveling with natural shades adds colors to life

The greenish blue shades at Key West

If there is one thing I learned during our recent trip to Key West in Florida, it has to be ‘Admiring the beauty of nature is the best activity one can undertake’. We often connect traveling to doing novel activities, engaging in adventures, posing in front of tourist attractions and returning back with empty pockets. There is nothing wrong in any of these factors. Traveling is about each of these things and exploring a new place, while embracing the wonders as much as possible.

It prompts us to do something different from our comfort zone, while trying out unique adventures in the particular region. Be it water sports or hiking, kayaking or cruising, hiking through hills or pumping adrenaline through power-packed adventures, traveling allows us to do everything and anything as the mind desires.

Each one of us seeks something different during our trips. Be it just relaxation or staying on toes every single minute, it is important to know our priorities and fulfill them as much as possible. With this thought in mind, I was extremely excited for our trip to Miami South Beach and Key West. Admiring the greenish-blue waters at both these places brought us closer to mesmerizing beauty.

The combination of clear blue skies, lush green tree cover and greenish blue waters was truly out of the world. To my amazement, admiring these diverse shades turned into a fulfilled activity. Each time I looked at the shades of water, all I could think was nature does add colors to our experiences. How nature manages to do this is beyond my understanding, but the magic of colors is impossible through any other artificial means. Looking at the calm waters of Key West at the southernmost point of continental US made me realize nature indeed has amazing powers to its credit.

All it needs is to stay true to its natural look and the result is beyond words. Though the waters of Key West and Miami draw people towards diverse range of water sports, I was contended with just the look of colors. The shades from turquoise to azure, green to bright blue and aqua to greenish blue was nothing less than a natural show in front. It had the power to still our minds and force us to just admire the shades because that is not seen everywhere. Though I hold bias towards Pacific Ocean closer to home, I was simply amazed by the diverse shades at this wonderful spot on the other end.

It may sound unbelievable but looking at these shades of water was the best thing I did in the trip. As I remember the wonderful memories after returning home, these colors seem to dominate the experience. Because nature holds the key to simplicity, happiness, peace and pleasure, the colors have done their part. No matter how many times I looked at its magic, I was tempted to do it just once more.

Miami South beach and its pristine colors

They say colors are therapeutic and what better way than the natural shades right in front of us.

Every word of this aspect came to life as I admired the beauty. I sense excessive usage of words nature and beauty but that is how it felt. Palette of nature is indeed diverse that holds so many shades in its grip. No matter how well we recreate it on our own canvas, nature beats man at every possible instance.

I experienced a sense of calm all along the trip and this is when I realized natural colors have some embedded power. It has definitely enriched my life with some wonderful memories and filled my canvas with rich shades. And fortunately as my camera captured those shades flawlessly, I was overjoyed at the end. Though pictures cannot do justice to the experience, they can at least keep me one step closer, when the dearest mind wants to relive them.

Our trip to Key West was all about colors. It can be rightly termed as the trip of shades. It is during these experiences that you realize happiness lies in the simplest and most usual things. There is no need to complicate our trips with some heavy terms. As long as we are able to extract hidden moments of joy, wonder and affection, the opportunities are endless. Seek pleasure in the simplest of life experiences. Do not complicate it with heavy purposes and strong words. There is nothing wrong in admiring the wonders of nature with an awe-struck look. Surrender to the natural magic once in a while, enjoy memorable moments in peace, extract maximum fun by just looking at it and store all the affection in the corners of your heart.

Not everything is designed for complicated interpretation, it is absolutely acceptable to seek happiness in something as usual as colors of the water. This experience has definitely added multiple shades to the otherwise usual canvas of life!

What do you experience during your trips? Is it adventure, relaxation, togetherness or pure fun?

Some more natural shades at the Key West

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