Coffee Is Good for the Heart

This small coffee shop in Charleston, West Virginia overflows with love, art, and inspiration. Charleston, West Virginia may not be one of your dream destinations but if you are ever in town, Taylor Books is one place you just have to see for yourself. From the outside, it just looks like your average city building, but it holds the most magic within it walls in this little city. I have recently spent most of my mornings here where I read, write, and listen. This building is the heart of old friends, the smiles of lovers, the ears of good listeners, and a home for the wanderers. The walls breath a new life into you, the bricks supporting your ideas, and providing an engulfing sense of security when you're not sure where else to go. A place for everyone, when acceptance is hard to find.

Every Friday and Saturday night, they have free, live music in the coffee shop and there are people to the back of the room, old-timers reminiscing the days that they played music, young kids dreaming of mesmerizing an audience when they get older as much as they are right now, some people just taking in the moment and acknowledging each melody as the notes soak into their skin to be carried with them, and the musicians being so lost in their instrument that they fall in love with each plucked string, with each vibrated vocal chord, and with each cymbal crash.

Each moment here seems to revolve around love, the friendly smile from a stranger, the cup of coffee poured by the barista, the man sitting at the end of the counter watching the woman he loves take graceful steps, the young girl discovering her new favorite author, and that first sip of coffee at 8 o'clock in the morning.

When I bring my friends to this place for the first time, they always tell me they can't seem to put their finger on how this place makes them feel. I believe that it is the core of love that they are experiencing, that they are not used to experiencing in their everyday life. Love seems to be a rare item in todays world, and when you come to a place that is covered in so much of it, your soul is going to be affected by that.

I encourage my readers to visit this place for themselves, or even go to your own local coffee shop and tell me how it makes you feel. I promise you won't regret it!

Always, Brenna xo

p.s. don't forget to leave a little love wherever you go, it makes a difference.

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