Finding the Southern Spirit In Miami

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Citizens of Miami joke that if you want to South you'll have to drive North. Its very true that Miami is culturally distinct from most of the South, however tucked at the bottom of Miami-Dade County in there is a municipality called Homestead, this is a place that still holds a bit of that Southern charm. In Homestead you can skydive, rent atvs, paintball, airboat rides, explore the Everglades, or go to a race at the Homestead Speedway. Unknown to anyone who isn't a fan of NASCAR, but the final race of each NASCAR cup is hosted at the Homestead Speedway. And truly what is more Southern than NASCAR. Homestead is a place of action if you tire of Miami's clubs. And when your done with the action there plenty of quality restaurants and bars to help you settle down after a day or days of adventure.

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