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I was ten the first  time I ever saw a picture of an island, it was a moderatly cold day but I could hear the screeching tires of the mail truck.....I knew today my national geographic magazine would be arriving.....I put on my boots and grabbed my jacket running down the driveway to my newest adventures in my mind. There it was as I opened the steel cold mailbox door. I ran up the drive into the house barely kicking off my boots straight up to my room locking the door as not to be disturbed as I started my journey reading of the unknown, at least to me. 

There on the tenth page I saw this incredible areal view of an was surrounded by the most beautiful color of blue I have ever seen,  that day I decided if I ever get to this place of paradise with the baby blue waters sunshine and sandy warm honey beige beaches, I would never leave. Twenty-seven years passed before I ever had the chance, but when it came calling I never hesitated, not one second. 

The flight was only three hours but it seemed like an entire day, from my seat I looked out of the window hoping to catch a glimpse of what I remembered so very long ago. Nothing but clouds. I was so excited I couldnt contain myself, I waited and as soon as the captain announced our decent I knew it was time. I looked out the window and waited, clouds, clouds, sea, sea.....there it was in all its glory. Exactly as I had remembered. We started getting closer to this beautiful magical place in the middle of a sea of blue, the honey touched beaches shining from the sun reflecting off each pebble. 

The closer we came the more detail appeared, the palm trees, the waves rolling in and out kissing what looked like pink silk along the shores. 

The landing was hard and the braking strong, apparently a short run way, but why wouldnt it be we are on an island. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and watched everyone pass me in the aisle. I heard the wheels of the portable steps coming to meet the plane exit, I stood up hit the aisle and practically ran to the exit, a waff of super humid semi dry air with a hint of salt sunshine and coconut hit my senses all at once. I stepped down each step savoring every bit of the glorious sunshine. Man it was hot. But like a warm blanket greeting you. 

As I walked towards the airport I was meeting a friend looking for him, ahh there he is, "well hello" , I said. "Welcome , welcome to Cayman" he said. Yes I think I just fell in love....with this island. I was wisked away to seven mile beach, a beautiful condo complex about a good 200 yards from the tranquil sea. Between the sea birds over head, crystal clear waters and the pink sand I truly found heaven. I had yet to understand that on a 22 mile island long and 4 miles across there was so much to discover, do and see. From the amazing flavors of so many restaurants, to the beach bars and night life. I couldnt snorkle enough from one end to east end. The boat tours, sunset cruises to stingray city, swimming with turtles, and stingray and reef sharks. Grabbing fresh conch to make fresh ceviche on the boat to fishing for Barracuda, where this island is the only island in the Caribbean where you can actually eat it. Everything I could have imagined about an island Grand Cayman provided. Nothing says life is good better than sitting out on the beach drinking out of a fresh coconut watching the sea gently rollin and out over your sun kissed feet! There is something for everyone here, bungalows to high end hotels, first class dining to picnics. Although often said a bit pricey overall I think every bit of it is worth the experiences, memories and friendships you will make here. 

Over the years I have had the blessings of living on many different islands and although I am an "Island girl", nothing feels like home more than Grand Cayman. Its truly a one of a kind experience. 

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